Saturday, 19 November 2005

Friends from India

I had a great time today meeting up with dear friends from India. I had met this couple since my undergraduate studies in Manipal, India as a medical student. They are like family to me and I will go hang out and have my meals at their place. They were my extended family when I was in India and I really thank God for them and for the love and a sense of belonging that they had given to me. Now they are teaching at the Manipal Melaka Kasturba Medical College in Melaka as lecturers. Both of them are specialists in their own field. They have one son.

We met up at Midvalley food court for lunch.

Their son

In the hotel room

My dear friend in the hotel room at Citadel

My friend's parents are in Malaysia for a holiday..

Well after lunch went back to their room at Citadel Midvalley and we had a great time catching up on each other's lives. It was really great. Thank God for the opportunity.

Well hanging out them, I had to meet another friend ( actually he is my friend's friend ) who is from Mizoram, India... yes he is an INDIAN. He is studying music at a college here. So I was just doing my friend a favour for my friend to meet up with him. We had dinner at Little Penang.

Erm ... me without my glasses... wonder how long I can keep poking my eyes to put on the contact lenses. Anyway have to force myself to use the contact lenses as it will be expiring next year.

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