Thursday, 17 November 2005

Christmas Blues ...

Tomorrow I will start work again and I am not really looking forward to it ... hey I wonder if I still remember how to put someone to sleep .... hmmmm .... oh well let's see what happens tomorrow..

I went for the Harry Porter movie today and I really like it ... nice the kids had all grown up... more mature, darker and deeper movie ... less playful from the previous 3 Harry Porter movies. Well I will be going again tonight with my sister for a second dose.

Today managed to watch a movie, go swimming at 3K complex at 2 pm and also inquired about joining the gym in 3K which is 80 bucks a month inclusive of swimming pool access, which works to be quite reasonable, then went to tesco to get some groceries and now back home to rest awhile before heading out to Sunway Pyramid for dinner and the movie.

Trying hard not to think about the exams but it keeps slipping back into my mind.

Took some pictures at the Christmas decoration at Sunway Pyramid. It brings back Christmas memories. I hope that this year I get to spend Christmas with my church friends back in Seremban. Looking forward to Christmas ...

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