Monday, 31 October 2005

Today is my birthday

Another year has gone His grace I am still alive. Praying that I will continue to draw closer to Him each day ...

Sunday, 30 October 2005

Just wanted to share about what Pastor Marianne's sermon this morning in church. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been struggling with alot of things lately since I started doing my masters program ... I really miss my home, my church and my friends ... and due to my work schedule .. not been regular but I try my best to go back to Seremban. I have been trying to attend a church in USJ but I dont really fit in due to my work schedule.

My exams are from Nov 10 till 18 and studies had not been great. Working in General Hospital Kuala Lumpur is tiring and most of the time I am zonked out after work..... Sometimes my studies get me down ... I feel that I am not doing enough or studying enough .. there are times I am so stressed out that I cant even study. Not much fellowship over here also in USJ ... but God is holding me close.

This is what Pastor Marianne mentioned

Grace will conquer the things that steal the Christian's motivation
1. Guilt and shame
2. Legalism and negativism
3. Petty fighting
4. Small minded intolerance
5. Self imposed restricitions

I do struggle with no 1,2 and 5 and God really has a way to speak right into my heart. Today's message was exactly what I needed to hear and the Holy Spirit really ministered to my heart and I received renewed hope... yes only by grace alone and I will boast in Him alone.

What does grace do :
1. His abundant grace redeems us
2. His abundant grace educates us
3. His abundant grace encourages us
4. His abundant grace involves us

Oh Lord Jesus .. maybe I never forget the price You had to pay for me ... the Lamb Who sacrificed for me that God may see Jesus in me and be made righteous. Thank You Jesus .... thank You for my 2 pastors (Pastor Chris and Pastor Marianne ) who are intuned with You. May You continue to draw us to deeper levels of intimacy with You and may You continue to consume us with the passion of pursuing You .... Amen

Sunday, 16 October 2005

Early birthday celebration

Hmmm only 3 candles .... mom's idea.....

Yesterday night my parents drove up to have an early birthday celebration with me as my sister wont be around on my birthday ( she will be scuba diving from a yacht in Phuket ).... if I was not studying for my masters, I would have joined her also :( ... so we had dinner at Genki Sushi in Sunway Pyramid and it was so jam as it was a Saturday .. anyway managed to get there in time for dinner ... it was great ... came home and they sang me a birthday eventhough I said that I am so old already and no need song lah ... my mother was so cute ... she said put only 3 candles enough ... haha ... I will be 34 on October 31st .... after the cake cutting ceremony .. we all went online to talk to my brother in UK and also his wife to be .. Aoy .. who was in Bangkok .. so we had a mulit conferencing thingy going on and it was great that the internet can help us to connect inspite of the distance that is between us..... I thank God for blessing me with such a loving and supportive family..

Sunday, 9 October 2005

Today was my last mock exams another month till the real primary exams

Today was my last day of my mock exams and the realy primary exams will be one month. Well it was a great experience ... one thing I realise that it is a passable exams .. I just need to give myself a chance and go for it .... yeah I also managed to see where I need to buck up ... I am not afraid of viva anymore .... now I realise the importance of practice viva with my specialists ... will be bugging them for more viva sessions .....

I used to be phobia and get shun away from viva sessions because I usually freeze and feel so dumb ... haha .... but thank God ... I am facing this weakness that I have ... no more running .... well I have one week study leave now ... will make good use of it .....

The specialists in GHKL are a really great bunch of people and they are so supportive .... I am really glad that I have this opportunity to work with them .. and gain knowledge from them... I am also learning to make my own decisions based on the knowledge that I have gained instead of just following orders .....

Thank God for this opportunity ..... and thanks to you all out there who had encouraged me so much ...

Friday, 7 October 2005

Non stop Neuro Cases today

It is now about 230 am ... still stuck in Neuro OT .. .waiting for the next case to come ... another one pending in A&E ... so tired ..... On Sunday is my viva mock exam .... which I am not prepared at all ... tried to read today but all of my patients were giving me problem ... bleeding ... etc ..etc ..

Another 5 hours to go ... before I can hit the sack ....