Wednesday, 31 August 2005

Just got my streamyx connection

Just got my streamyx connection after waiting for months for it. But better late than never. I am using the 44 bucks package for now for 60 hours. Today is Merdeka day and I must make sure that I get some studying done today and also some exercise. Been feeling lethargic since I stopped swimming.

PS Picture of a ruin in Ayothaya when I was in Bangkok for my brother's engagement earlier this year

Sunday, 28 August 2005

A new begining

Yes as I lay me down to sleep I look forward to a new beginning with my Saviour .. yes I am not alone .... never alone....

A seeking heart

Dear Jesus

Thank You for Who You are. I have been going round and roung in circles. I am still struggling with some of the things I struggled with before I met You. If not for You I wont be around now. Today I went to church in USJ and I want to thank You for touching me and for helping me to decide on a few things which I have been praying about. I have not settled yet in this new church. Maybe it is my work schedule which makes my attendance so inconsistent. Today I realized that TOW will be always be my home church. I am trying to fit in this new church and I am praying that I will also be able to serve in this church. I pray that You will open doors for me to serve and to confirm to my heart that this is the church You want me to go to. Yeah the people in KL is different even in the church. We are so caught up in our own lives. Oh well I will still go to worship You no matter what coz You are my life and without You I have no life. I realise that I will die off if I dont have any fellowship over here. I really miss my church back in Seremban. But life goes on and I thank You that I have Your word, the wonderful love songs that people write about You. I am forever Yours. I am captivated by You. Yes, less of me and more of You and help me to die to myself.

One more struggle that I have is that I am not disciplined in my studies... it is because I have given up or am I just exhausted. I pray that You will remove anything that hinders me from my studies. I really want to be a specialist so that I can glorify You and so that You can send me into the nations to proclaim Your name and love. Yes the world needs You. We are all lost sheeps in need of a Shepherd and You alone are the way to everlasting life..... yes true life. True love. Agape. Amen

I pray that You will search my heart and know me and take away anything which is not of You. Create in me a clean heart.

A heart that seeks You……

PS the picture is my bro and mom in UK

Friday, 26 August 2005

GHKL finally

Have been in GHKL since June. Getting use to the place and I am starting to like it. I am currently in my ICU posting now and I am enjoying myself but super tired after work. Worth it coz I am learning alot and I have great bosses.