Saturday, 31 December 2005

Poisoned by "jellyfish"

Well I think I had been poisoned by jellyfish. I met up with him 2 days back and all I can think of now are cameras cameras and cameras. Therefore I am on the hunt for a better camera so that I can take better pictures. Bascially I am torn between these 2 cameras. One is a budget camera Canon A610 (RM 999) and the other one is a Canon S2 IS (RM1699). I was thinking of just goint for the A610 until I get used to using manual controls then I will upgrade to a better camera. I think 999bucks is a good buy for me to start learning to use the aperture controls and the shutters and to try out different lightning. I learned that a tripod is necessary...will post up some pictures later which I took with jellyfish using my V3 which is sadly very limited right now. So guys if you any suggestions regarding which camera to get .. do drop in a line or two. Basically I want a camera which uses AA batteries and SD memory as I already have a 1 gig SD card ... thanks alot. I will be on call on New Year's Eve .... well Happy New Year to all ... Cheers ...

Image Hosted by
Canon S2 IS

Image Hosted by
Canon A610 is 5 megapixels .. the picture is A620 with 7.1 megapixels

Monday, 26 December 2005

My parents' 37th Wedding Anniversary

Today I went for dinner with my family to celebrate my parents' 37th wedding anniversary. They got married on 31st December 1968. We celebrated early as I am on call on 31st Dec ... New Year's Eve .. what a bummer. It is amazing how time flies. I really respect and admire my parents ... they are still so much in love. They have their weaknesses and they had been through a lot of tough times which could have torn them apart but their love for one another was not merely a "feeling" but a commitment to be there for one another. They are growing old gracefully. I wish I can be at least half of them ... I want them to be proud of me. I want to have grandsons and grand daugthers where they can bestow their wisdom, love and blessing upon.

When I see them, I too long for a companion who can stick by me through thick and thin. I know I have my weaknesses and I hope to meet someone who can love me for me, for who I am and me to love her for who she is. I hope I find her someday....

Well I think I have been infected by jellyfish's poison ... now I bring my camera while going to eat also ... haha ... anyway I am trying new ways to take pictures.

Here are some of the dishes we ordered today. My sister and I "belanja" (gave a treat) my parents for dinner.
Image Hosted by
Prawns with petai
Image Hosted by
Fish slices in oyster sauce .. yummy .. my favorite
Image Hosted by
Yin Choi - some vegetable with garlic
Image Hosted by
The trademark tau foo of the shop
Image Hosted by
Stewed pork ... very tender and juicy ... I think I am hungry again ... :)

Good bye 2005, Hello 2006

Well Christmas just got over. I am still on leave at home. But am down with a throbbing headache for 2 days now so I had been sitting at home when I should be out meeting my friends.

I was just sitting and thinking about 2005, what I had accomplished, my failures, my success, the lessons learned, etc and in another 6 days, it will be 2006. Time really flies.

May God teach me to treasure whatever time He had given me..

Well wishing a Happy New Year .... time to make new year resolutions .... erm like joining a gym and losing weight, etc ..... :)

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Something which touched my heart

I just wanted to share something which my dear friend, jimbo wrote in his blog which really touched my heart.

[December 23rd 2005 Edition]

eCOMMENTARY: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas...

Did you know that:

*Men and women who felt the most loved and supported had substantially less blockage in their coronary arteries.

*Men and women with heart disease who were single and lacked confidants were three times as likely to have died after five years.

*Married men who feel that their wives showed them love had significantly less angina.

The above findings were quoted by Dean Ornish, Clinical professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco [Dean Ornish, “Love Is Real Medicine� Newsweek International Edition, October 17 th 2005, 39]. In his article, Ornish says:

“Medicine today focuses primarily on drugs and surgery, genes and germs, microbes and molecules. Yet love and intimacy are at the root of what makes us sick and what
makes us well. [Therefore] when we understand the connection between how we
live and how long we live, its easier to make different choices. Instead of viewing the time we spend with friends and family as luxuries, we can see that these relationships are among the most powerful determinants of our well being and survival.�

This seems like a lot of work and a lot of words to confirm what God had told us a long, long time ago. That it was not good for man to be alone. [I secretly believe that given enough time, science will support all that is already in the bible.] Which is why Christmas is such a devastating time for many, especially in countries and societies where Christmas is also the time for family reunions.

For many, it suddenly hits home that they have no families to go home to, and the many who do, prefer not to precisely because they know what is waiting for them at home.

It is truly tragic that humanity pours so much effort and resources to tackle a myriad of problems but ignore such a fundamental one -- the loneliness of modern man. If modern life is characterized primarily by individualism, competition and isolation, then more and more of us are going to be sick.

I also suspect there is a more prior and more fundamental loneliness at work. As James Houston puts it, “If it is true that God made us for himself, then without God we are bound to live with an underlying frustration and unhappiness.�

Perhaps one of the reasons we are so frustrated with human relationships is that we expect our human companions to meet that need we have for divine companionship and invariably they fail. We lash out in our frustration and lose even the human companions we have.

It would seem to make sense then that we address this prior loneliness apart from which we can never be completely connected to anyone else. Jesus said: “Now this is eternal life:that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent.� [John 17:3 TNIV] The only way to cure our basic loneliness is to enter into a relationship, i.e. know, the living God through Jesus Christ. Many do not know God and so loneliness is pandemic especially at Christmas. The media recognizes this.

One of my all time favourite X-Files Episode is “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas� [Season 6, Episode 6]. In this episode, Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin guest star brilliantly as two ghosts that appear only on Christmas eve to hammer home the utter loneliness of human existence to any couple staying in the house they haunted, thereby driving the couple to despair and suicide.

Here is the dialogue that introduces the ghosts in question.

Mulder: "Christmas, 1917. It was a time of dark, dark despair. American soldiers were dying at an ungodly rate in a war-torn Europe while at home, a deadly strain of the flu virus attacked young and old alike. Tragedy was a visitor on every doorstep while a creeping hopelessness set in with every man, woman and child. It was a time of dark, dark despair."
Scully: "You said that."
Mulder: "But here at 1501 Larkspur Lane for a pair of star-crossed lovers tragedy came not from war or pestilence — not by the boot heel or the bombardier — but by their own innocent hand."
Scully: "Go on."
Mulder: "His name was Maurice. He was a... a brooding but heroic young man beloved of Lyda, a sublime beauty with a light that seemed to follow her wherever she went. They were likened to two angels descended from heaven whom the gods could not protect from the horrors being visited upon this cold, grey earth."
Scully: "And what happened to them?"
Mulder: "Driven by a tragic fear of separation they forged a lovers' pact, so that they might spend eternity together and not spend one precious Christmas apart."
Scully: "They killed themselves?"
Mulder: "And their ghosts haunt this house every Christmas Eve."

[Disclaimer: I don't believe in ghosts as they are usually portrayed in the entertainment media though I do believe in evil spirits. Yes, you can delete that email you were about to send to rebuke my allusion to ghosts.]

The episode also uses the song “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas� to powerful effect. It gets my vote for saddest song ever, well at least saddest Christmas song.

Christmas is also such a lonely time because the slogans of the season promise so much yet many of us experience our lives as being so far removed from what is promised in the
slogans. This is truly ironic because one of the names of the person who came at Christmas two thousand years ago is Immanuel, God with us.

The God of Christmas is not a God who stays far away. This is a God who knows our need for connecting to Him and to others. After all he made us. And He does not want us to be alone. Hence He came to us. He is indeed knocking on the doors of our hearts. But we often treat him as some ghostly figure, hoping that if we ignore Him He will go away.

But Jesus is no ghost. On the contrary, He rose from the dead to show that He has triumphed over death and despair and stands ready with the gifts of life and love, knocking. And if He is not in our lives, we will always be divine-lonely.

Christians too need to discover and rediscover this truth. Often we have invited Jesus into our lives but keep Him in our heads. So many of us live Christian lives defined by doctrine and activism and wonder why we are as lonely as the rest of the world.

Why don't we do something radical this Christmas. Instead of our usual rushing around to the never ending round of church Christmas activities, why don't we carve out a quiet moment alone or with a few good friends, and commune with the God in our hearts.

And instead of badgering our non Christian friends to another glitzy bells and whistle Christmas evangelistic programme, why don’t we invite one to a cup of coffee and ask how they are doing and take the time to listen to the answers.

Give him or her the gifts of love, hearing, focus, and the time that makes it happen. Who knows, he or she may take a second look at the Jesus you claim dwells in your heart. Because your friend really isn’t interested in the one that dwells in the mall.

People are not dying for lack of entertainment, ecclesiastical or otherwise. They are dying for love. They need to know His Name is Immanuel. They need to know Him.

Your brother,
Soo-Inn Tan

Write me!

PS. Advent Greetings!
To all readers of this column, I wish a blessed Christmas! Thank you for journeying with me through the ecommentaries. May the reality of God and His love be more real to you this
Christmas and the year ahead!

CY HO Enterprise

After ordering my tailored pants, I went to Terminal One to get some softwares for my laptop. Meet up with a friend who is in partnership at CY HO Enterprise and he sells computers and accessories. The prices are very reasonable. I like the part where I can go back to them if I have any problem with the things that I had bought from them.

They are also now currently one of the service centres for FTEC, so head over there if you need to buy FTEC laptops.

Some of the things they sell. They sell all sorts of stuffs desktops, laptops, modems, printers, etc ... I usually buy from them.

Image Hosted by

One of the partners who run this business. Nice chap and forever busy coz his public relations are pretty good and people always look for him. So whenever I visit him for a chat, I usually have to wait awhile until he is free. Erm took more pictures of him as he was happily posing for the camera and I told him that his pictures will be up in my blog ... :)
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Attending to a client

Image Hosted by

Pose 1

Image Hosted by

Pose 2

Image Hosted by

Pose 3

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Pose 4

Image Hosted by

Pose 5

Image Hosted by

The guy in black with glasses is the other partner.

Image Hosted by

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Tailored pants

Well after breakfast yesterday, my dad took to a tailor so that I make new pants. I insisted that I should wait till I lose weight but then I realised that most of my old pants had been patched up by mom and it had been ages since I bought myself some new pants.

I went to the tailor and selected the type of material and the color that I wanted. The tailor started measuring me. Erm when he came to my waist size, I protested that he had measured me wrongly,for my waist had increased by 2 ungodly inches !!!!!! I made him measure me again and again and at last I gave in to the "truth" about my waist .... Depressing .... something must be done ... my sweet little sister even offered to use her credit card points to exchange some vouchers for free slimming sessions at the Slimming Sanctuary .... duh ... so in the end I made 3 new plan and also a new vow that I will lose weight before I collect the pants so that the tailor will have to alter it a size or 2 smaller ... erm .. well no harm fanitazing .... :)
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My dad and the tailor

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Changed my template

I changed my template so that I can upload larger pictures :) ... jellyfish taught me to use to upload my pictures .. and voila the wan ton pictures were the result. Maybe I should resize it smaller. Thanks to jellyfish again for the tip ... u r my sifu ... :)

Ok going for a swim with my sis ... need to lose some baby fat ... :) will update more when I am back .. more pictures ... cheers

Wan Ton Mee

After Kuala Pilah, dad and I had lunch - wan ton mee which is noodles with soy sauce with grilled sweetened slices of pork and pork dumplings which you can have fried or boiled... yummy ... one of my favorite food ... so I took some pictures. Tried out the macro mode and thanks to jellyfish, I realised that my IXUS V3 macro mode was only at 10 cm range ... duh .. no wonder I go closer not clear .. time for a new digi cam ? :)

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

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Friday, 23 December 2005

Kuala Pilah Hospital

Today my dad had to go for his routine eye check up at Kuala Pilah Hospital. So since I was on leave I decided to drive him to Kuala Pilah and also to visit my old friends in Kuala Pilah. It was really pleasant drive to Kuala Pilah. We started out journey at 735 am after having breakfast. I reached KP at about 810 am.

My dad went to the Eye Clinic for his check up while I went to ICU to check on my friends. It was great to see them again. I had worked previously in KP for about two and a half years. I had many fond memories there. As it was not very busy. The main OT was closed for renovation and there was no patients in ICU, we all went out for breakfast ( hmmm did I mention that I had breakfast earlier ?? ) It was great catching up on old times.

I took some pictures of the hospital. My camera settings were ISO 200, Vivid.

It was really cloudy and it looked like was gonna rain heavily...but thank God, it did not rain until I reached Seremban.

Reinstalling Win Xp on my laptop

Duh well I guess I reached the point of no return ... my win xp is so bloated up and messed up that I cant even link my laptop with the pc at home. Well jellyfish tried to helped for about 30 mins to set up my networking but in the end still not successful so I guess a full reinstallation is long overdue for my laptop.... anyway thanks alot jellyfish ... when I get back to USJ, we go "yam cha" :)

Will update my blog after I finish setting up my laptop .... took lots of pictures today :)


Thursday, 22 December 2005

Finally going home :)

Just got home from work....... so excited about going home. Tons of things to do. After work I went to Carrefour for a walk...bought one of the complete fuel cleaning treatment for my Kenari. Hope it works. So far I am really satisfied with my Kenari. It had been 4 years now and it had served me faithful. I really enjoy driving it. I had driven to Kuala Trengganu in my Kenari before and it was a fun drive. I will complete my installment by next year in Dec 2006 .. just another year to go. Thinking of buying a Myvi or Hyundai Matrix and give the Kenari to my beloved parents. I wanted them to take the Kenari as it was auto and they also enjoyed driving the car. But they insisted that I take the Kenari due to jams in KL.... if I am more financially stable I will get a new car by 2007 I guess. Oh well dont even know what lies ahead of me ... will just each day as it comes.

Hmmm I still had joined a gym yet. I dont like crowded places too much. I go swiming in 3K complex in USJ but I will go off when it gets too crowded. So I am wondering if joining a gym will work for me.... hmmm ... so I decided to buy myself a magnetic stationary exercise bicycle from Carrefour for 199 bucks ( it is on offer and the usual price was 299 bucks ). I tried it out and I like it. Smooth and silent. Well at least I can cycle away in peace without disturbing my neighbours staying below me as I live in an apartment. I will get it by next week as it was out of stock now ....

Planning to get myself some new pants when I get back to Seremban. I had not bought any pants in ages. Actually I was delaying it as I thought that I will be able to lose some weight .... oh duh ... I guess I will have to get some new one now as the old ones have reached the point of no return ... haha ....

Ok gotta go pack some stuffs and get ready to go home. Hmm it is dark outside, hope it wont rain too heavily today. Thinking of washing my car and polishing it later today. Cheers ....

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

On call and then home sweet home

I will be on call today at Paeds OT. I will be on leave for Christmas. Yippee !!!! I am really looking forward to going home for Christmas and to spend some time with old friends from my church back home. I hope that it will not be too busy today.

Hmmm it is 2.40 am and I am still up. I cant sleep yet. .... I need to prepare a map for my specialist due tomorrow ... duh ... oh well ....

Struggles ....

Stumbled upon this website messychristian and what was shared really touched my heart because it was exactly what I am struggling with now. I had moved to USJ since June 2005 and till today I am still trying to find a church where I can settle in. I want to get involved. To use the talents that God had given. In my previous church (my home church which I still attend when I am back in Seremban), I sing and I am a leader in one the cell groups. When I was in Canada doing my grade 12, I was part of the church choir and I had even went on mission trips. When I was in India, I was a worship leader and I lead bible studies. There was a time when I was with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) reaching out to the lost in Madras. I wanted to be passionately pursuing Jesus, the One Who had captivated my heart, my only reason to live.

When I was in Melaka for a year from 2004 June till 2005 June, I nearly drifted away from God from not committing myself to a church where I can grow, fellowship and serve. I did not want to make the same mistake again when I was in KL. God is amazing, He never lets go...all those years of learning to just depend on Him really helped me to grow in tough times when I had no one else but Him.

I attended a church here initially where I wanted to settle in, to grow and to serve but I was really discouraged by the indifference and the cold response that I received eventhough I had made myself vulnerable by sharing what was on my heart, my desire to serve, my desire for fellowship, hmmmm will I be labelled for being "too sensitive or not being committed enough ?" ... hmmm well I had done my part reaching out. Struggled alot and I am not one person to church hop, but I had to find a place where I can call home. What is the point of always feeling so unwanted, unwelcomed...... I am still praying .... the thoughts in my mind are penned down exactly by messychristian.

Yeah people will say that you are focussing too much on yourself and not fixing your eyes on God.... well all I can say is that you will not understand until you go through it yourself ... the loneliness, etc. When I became a Christian, my mission is to love Him and to make Him known and that it is still my mission till today for I cant never doubt His love for me.

This was taken from messychristian blog ...

"I'm content being a pew warmer

Irene is leaving her church for another. Watching her struggle with her decision reminded me of my struggle to leave my old church too. I remember saying this to my previous pastor (that church has many pastors btw):

"You know, I've never been more misreable in my life than when I'm in church. I don't even know why I bother with church anymore! Of all the people in my life, Christians have let me down the most! They've called me names, they've abandoned me when I needed them most. What in the world should I have anything to do with the church?"

To tell you the truth, until BLC, I never really had good memories of church. Yes, there were up moments ... but the sad moments outnumbered the happy ones. They are always memories of being lonely and isolated, guilty and unhappy, of being worn out and angry ...

Irene is fighting so hard to remain a committed Christian, the kind that goes to church every week, attend cell groups and prayer meetings. I admire that ... I just don't understand why anymore.

I no longer have any inclination to be the kind of Christian I was three years ago. I prefer being a pew warmer now. That should trouble me ... for a while it did, but now I realise I'm just comfortable where I am. For the first time in my ten years as a Christian, I'm at peace with myself.

For so many years being a Christian meant fighting myself - fighting who I am, fighting what I really wanted - so that I wouldn't give in to the "devil's ploy". That meant smile when you don't mean it, attend a prayer meeting when you don't want to, and be part of a cell group you're misreable in.

All this, I thought, was the manifestation of my sinful nature. My job was not to give in to it. But the fight became so hard I was convinced that I was really disguising my evil nature under piety or something.

I wasn't kidding when I said to my pastor that my years in church have been a misreable one:

Crying alone in the corner of the church in Perth after service from terrible loneliness. I found that I could not relate to anyone in church, and that despite being there, I still felt like an outsider in the church. I berated myself for being the person I am, so full of questions and reluctance to do the "right thing".

I was with Chris, my best friend, in the parking area of a mall when I suddenly broke down in frustration. I was misreable in the ministry I was in and I didn't understand why I should be. I blamed myself for being misreable and being such a "uncommited" ministry worker.

So .. not many good memories. So I'm not that eager to be a "commited Christian" again. I know it's not logical. But I'm just very tired of fighting myself. I'd like a break, thanks.

I'm just thinking, is being a "attend church every Sunday, cell group and prayer group, and commit yourself to a ministry" kind of Christian the only way to show that you're a "commited" Christian. Can you still be a pew warmer and still be commited?

Although I don't commit in church much ... I try to live out my mission as a Christian. I consider myself being part of a ministry, but it's not in the church. Being part of the Canticle Singers, volunteering at PAWS ... I consider them ministry. I seem to feel more content being involved in something that is outside the church. I know a lot of times my effort falls short, at least by other people's standards, but I have decided not to let their expectations bother me.

I guess if people realise how irregularly I attend church they'd think that I'm not really serious about Christ or being a Christian. Sometimes I wonder that myself. I wonder if my church mates, pastor or cell group mates are dissapointed that I'm so uncommited. I sometimes wonder if God is.

A big part of me doesn't want to know the answer."

Tuesday, 20 December 2005


I have been tired since I started doing my masters program, compounded by the fact that I am working in GHKL. I just want to rest whenever I reach home. I usually reach in the evening. Take my dinner and fall asleep at my books.... depressing... if it carries on like this ... fat chance that I will be able to pass my coming exams in May 2006.

Well a friend suggested that I try out Yomeishu. I used to take it when I was doing my housemanship (medical officer training) in Klang Hospital. It did helped me to do my 15 calls per month ordeal. I never saw the sunrise or sunset when I was working in Klang as I used to be in the ward by 6 am and I will be home at 10 pm.... till today I still cant figure out how I manage to survive. Well I am giving Yomeishu a try again. Just bought a bottle today from Giant and it was on offer for about 87 bucks. I know I should be getting some exercises and taking better care of myself regarding my diet. Well everyone who meets me nowadays says that all they hear from me is that I am so tired .... well I am tired, zonked out, exhausted ... duh

Ok the link to the Yomeishu website if you want more information ...

Monday, 19 December 2005

Met up with an old friend...

Today work was tiring and by the time I finish with my pre med assessment rounds of the patients planned for operation tomorrow it was already 630 pm. I had to meet up with a friend who had flown in from Sabah. She had to accompany a patient from Sabah to GHKL by flight. The patient had abdominal aortic aneursym. She waited for me for 2 hours at A&E ( Kecemasan / Emergency Department ) as I was still stuck with work.

I had known her when I was studying in Manipal. We became good friends and we still keep in touch. She gives me prayer and moral support. It was great to catch up on old times. Picked her up and we had dinner at Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid and we talked and talked and talked as it had been ages since we last saw each other. I think it had been like 6 years !!!! Drove her home and we decided that we will hang out more often when she gets transferred back to Peninsular Malaysia.

Yeah true friends are hard to find. I really thank God for the dear friends that He had given me..... :)

Sunday, 18 December 2005

BBQ at my friend's

This Sunday went to a friend's place in USJ for BBQ. They were a new bunch of friends I made at this church which I am visiting at the moment. The BBQ started at 6 pm ... and I arrived late as I started out late from my place and it took some time for me to find the place.

I helped out with burning the chicken and mutton .... oppss I mean I helped in bbq-ing the chicken and mutton. And I got to make some new friends. I might joining this care group later after new year in 2006.

I really felt at home with this new group of people from church. They just told me to come. I did not know that I had to bring presents for gift exchange. I felt so bad when I found out that there was gonna be a gift exchange session, but my friend already told me that she had bought extra gifts for me for the gift exchange ... that really touched my heart. And that same gesture and thoughtfulness really warmed me up to this particular group of people. I had not felt like that in a long long time ... to come empty handed and to be blessed with gifts in return with no questions asked and no strings attached. The last time I felt like this was when I was in Canada doing my Grade 12 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I was studying in Canada after my SPM. I attended this church which really took care of me as I was the only Asian there. I was invited to stay overnight with a family at Christmas Eve. It was my first Christmas as a Christian. I did not buy them any gifts but they lavished me with so many gifts - a new bible, an adidas sweater, chocolates and a gift voucher at a Christian bookstore. Then I spent Christmas with a German family who took me and I had a tradisional German meal. There I was lavished with gifts again. Then I spent the next day with a Dutch family. I will never forget my first Christmas where I did not anything to deserve the attention, love or the gifts that were given to me, truly Jesus is the reason for the season .. for He came to die for us when we could not offer up anything to Him, He came to give up His life so that we might live again.... yes that is Christmas, God offering His love to us when we come empty handed.

Bro Ken with the BBQ

Gift Exchange time after singing Christmas carols

Managing Your Loneliness

Managing Your Loneliness

Unfortunately, when people are overcome by loneliness, they often fill their loneliness with choices and activities that do not bring positive results. A common way of handling loneliness is to go to the nearest bar and drink too much or perhaps eat too much. Or people will become less than discerning about the friends that they make or about the sexual activities they engage in. Lonely people are looking for intimacy and fulfillment, directions and meaning. How you handle loneliness will determine whether you lead a godly life or not.

* The God of the Psalms, in particular, is a God who seeks to have an on going intimate relationship with us. He understands. He knows. Trust Him to hear your deepest needs and deal with them mercifully. (Psalm 139:1-4)
* None of us can have companionship all the time. Do you have an activity or hobby that you can engage in and have a fulfilling time with it?
* Develop a friendship with a person who shares your common outlook on life and perhaps has had similar experiences as you.
* Set realistic, attainable and measurable goals for yourself, like setting aside money for savings or looking ahead to a vacation you would like to take.
* Take responsible risks. Try something new, like a pottery or poetry class.
* Get to know new people of another culture.
* Attempt to establish contact with a long lost friend or relative. Renew the good ole times.
* Write a diary. Write your most intimate thoughts. Writing, in itself, can be therapeutic. Turn it into a spiritual journal or a record of your prayers.
* Join a fitness club and exercise your body. A trim body and an alert mind go a long way in defeating the dragons of loneliness.
* Find a book on what you are going through: alienation at work, divorce, separation, death of a friend or relative, loss of a job or demotions. You won't agree with everything, but pick and choose what works for you.
* Get some sleep. Remember, God grants sleep to those He loves (Psalm 127), even sleeping alone can be rewarding.
* Don't think that your difficulty will go away suddenly. Most problems of this sort take time, tears, touching, talk, and sometimes tantrums.
* Some of the most spiritually significant people the Christian Church has known have lived solidary lives: St. Paul, St. Ambrose, St. Augustine, St. Jerome, etc.

Loneliness: How Well are You at Handling it?

Loneliness: How Well are You at Handling it?

We live in a culture that admires the strong individual who can take on the challenges of life, independent of the help and aid of others. We seemingly think that we can create and nurture people who can carry out and accomplish the most difficult tasks. Nothing is beyond these people's abilities, for American ingenuity will win out every time. These people seemingly can face down any enemy and come out on the other side triumphant. Sounds good. And often looks good in film.

The John Waynes and the Clint Eastwoods and the characters they play in movies are popular in our culture because they reflect what so many of us want to happen but find it impossible to make happen. Many of us do not have the resources or the luck to make life turn out so victorious. For example, we often face insurmountable odds at work where we are expected to be such a person; but often we find our fellow employees undercutting the work of those around them. They gossip, and their words rip away at the good reputations of our friends. We fear that they are doing the same about us when we're not around. In private we vow not to do the same to them and in doing so we trust fewer and fewer people with information about our personal life-- information we yearn to share. But there is no one we trust. Morale at work is low, and we discover we're alone.

Loneliness is a common experience in life. We do not have to lose a spouse to death, divorce or separation to experience loneliness. We do not have to reach a time when our children-- children we have done so much with-- are gone and now live in a distant city. We can merely be in a group where no one affirms, supports or understands each other. Or we merely have to work or live in an environment where communication is poor or nonexistent. How do we handle such situations? We can either dwell on it and let this alienation drive us down emotionally, or we can draw upon emotional and spiritual resources and grow stronger as a person because of it.

Loneliness: Signs and Symptoms

Loneliness: Signs and Symptoms

Here are a few symptoms of loneliness that may be helpful to look at. How many of the following apply to you?

* Constant fatigue
* Low self-esteem
* Difficulty facing life's changes and challenges
* Feeling as if there is no one to turn to
* Being alone and feeling helpless
* Isolated in a crowd of people
* Loss of appetite and weight
* Uncontrollable gain in weight
* Lethargy - don't want to do anything or try anything
* Thoughts of suicide

Of course there are many other symptoms not listed here, however, if the majority of those listed apply to you, you should seek help. There are many sources of help available. The one that holds the most promise for immediate and long-term resolution of loneliness is found through establishing and maintaining a strong personal relationship with God.

The Bible is a wonderful, powerful and personal source of healing for the lonely person. Prayer can bring immediate resolution to your troubled and lonely self. For a more direct and intimate source of help, a Christian clergyman, a Christian person, a trusted friend, and/or your presence in a church are excellent resources.

Your family physician will also be able to refer you to a professional source of help. There are also many very competent and caring social service organizations that will provide guidance and counseling.

Loneliness is not something that you can or should delay handling. Every moment that you wait is painful, and costly in terms of psychological, physical and spiritual good health.

Loneliness : intro

Loneliness: Introduction

One of the most terrifying sensations in the world is the feeling of being "all alone". This is especially true if many different people surround you yet the feeling of isolation continues. "I am so alone, so lonesome, so disconnected from everyone else." "No one cares for me." "There is no one around that I can rely upon to listen to me, to help me and comfort me!"

Have you ever felt that way? Do you feel loneliness at this very moment? If so, read on. This site will offer understanding and perhaps even solutions to your painful problem.

Loneliness is not something new. After God created Adam, He Himself evaluated Adam's situation and said, "It is not good that the man should be alone." (Genesis 2:18). God had a solution, and after Eve was created, Adam's loneliness was never spoken of again in the Bible. God does not, however, correct all loneliness today with the creation of an "Eve."

The cause of loneliness today is not only physical in nature but also cultural, psychological and spiritual. The problem is even greater because loneliness may create stress that can lead to depression.

It is important that a person recognize the state of loneliness very early, and does something about it.

Misunderstandings of Loneliness

There are some ideas about loneliness that are not factual. For example:

* "If I am alone, no one cares about me!"
* "There must be some defect in my personality or my upbringing that makes me lonely."
* My loneliness is a sign of inner weakness.
* "This loneliness is a sign of my weak faith in Christ."
* "I am weak-natured and childish."
* "I'm the only one who feels and thinks this way."

And of course many others….

There are times in every person's life when it seems that he or she is alone or isolated. That feeling is normal, but, the reality of this situation is that we are never really alone because God made a promise to us in Matthew 28:20b, "I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Yet when feelings of loneliness continue over a long period of time, a real problem may be developing. At that point, one must look seriously at what is really happening to them and around them.

Friday, 16 December 2005


Feel so lonely ... is this gonna be my life .... alone......

Wisdoms from Psalms : Ps 147:3

Psalm 147:3
He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Mae sat by the window of her apartment, watching the children playing in the snow below. She wished she could have fun like that once more. Even the companionship and feeling of belonging would be nice. At present, all she had was her cat, Morgan, and he wasn't much for conversation.

Mae was shaken from her reverie by a knock at the door. As she opened it, she was met by the greetings of her neighbors from one floor below. Bearing gifts of food and drink, they asked if they might come in to share the evening with her. Glowing with a warmth long forgotten, Mae invited them in to celebrate a new, blossoming friendship.

We have been given the power to bring joy to the lives of others. In this season of God's gift of joy to us, we ought to think of ways that we might spread happiness to those who have little to be happy about. God heals the broken hearts of His children, often through His servants: you and me. Reach out in love to heal the wounds of loneliness and despair.


Make me an agent of Your love and care, Father. Send me forth with a message of mercy and joy. Use me to heal the emotional wounds of the people around me. Let me not focus on myself but to focus and may Your love overflow through me. Amen.


Some pictures which I took when I was in Bangkok for my brother's engagement earlier this year. I was happily snapping away .. soaking in all the wonderful sites and I was trying to imagine how it was at that era when Bangkok was the its peak. It would have been magnificent. I will be posting more pictures from my trip to Bangkok. Right now gotta go hit the sack. I have a long case to do tomorrow in Paeds OT. I will be giving anaesthesia for a child who has scoliosis who will be undergoing a spine surgery to correct the deformity.

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Just finished watching King Kong - Loved it !!!!

I just got back from watching King Kong at Summit USJ ... I booked the tickets online and the show was fully packed. Well all the kids were there and I was really unfortunate to be sitting infront this whole roll of Indians ... with the teenages and whatever ... well they came late. The movie had already started .... Grrr ... and they started yacking in Tamil and it was so irritating. The worst part was one of the kids decided to take my seat for football practice and he was kicking my seat the WHOLE show !!!!!!!!!!!! Grrr.... anyway I had turned back and gave my killer look that person but I had peace only for short while before he started his football practice again ... Grrr..... I wanted to strangle that guy ... fortunately the movie was EXCELLENT was which enough to capture my full attention until I was forgot that I was a football .... duh ... well I loved the movie and I will definitely buy a dvd to for keepsake. Now I am waiting for Memoirs of a Geisha... :)

Monday, 12 December 2005

More pictures of the bride :)

I could not help but snap more pictures of the bride. She is so gorgeous ....